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HydroStop® PremiumCoat® HydroCaps

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Circular pieces of material that are non woven, 100% polyester, stitch bonded, heat set, and designed for reinforcing the PremiumCoat® System around metal fasteners. (1,296 Hydrocaps per box)

Why HydroStop® HydroCap Fastener Fabric?

HydroStop® HydroCap Fastener Fabric acts as a reinforcing material, increasing the long-term strength of both HydroStop® PremiumCoat® and BarrierGuard® Waterproofing Systems by allowing the stresses of normal building movement to be spread over a wider area.

Specifications (All Dimensions are Nominal)
Ball Burst111 lb. (50.39 kg)
Elongation at BreakWarp: 21.3%, Fill: 51.3%
Tensile StrengthWarp: 74 lb. (33.60 kg), Fill: 45 lb. (20.43 kg)
TrapezoidWarp: 13.5 lb. (6.13 kg), Fill: 24.2 lb. (10.99 kg)
Ball Burst: 111 lb. (50.39 kg)
Elongation at Break: Warp: 21.3%, Fill: 51.3%
Tensile Strength: Warp: 74 lb. (33.60 kg), Fill: 45 lb. (20.43 kg)
Trapezoid: Warp: 13.5 lb. (6.13 kg), Fill: 24.2 lb. (10.99 kg)



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