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United Coatings™ CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating 1 Gal.

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A deep-penetrating sealer and water-repellent treatment Single-coat application UV Stable: No discoloration or yellowing with age
GAF CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating is a deep-penetrating concrete/masonry sealer and water-repellent treatment. It protects exterior, above-grade vertical concrete, masonry, aggregate, brick and stucco surfaces. It is used on building exteriors where a clear, non-yellowing protective sealer is required.

By chemically locking into the substrate, CanyonTone™ Clear Wall Coating provides a long term, UV-stable protective repellent while still retaining the surface's natural appearance; no glaze, gloss or visible sheen on treated surfaces.
  • UV Stable - No discoloration or yellowing with age
  • Clear sealer that won’t change compromise the existing surface color
  • Retains Natural Appearance with no glaze, gloss, or visible sheen on treated surfaces
  • Prevents darkening and discoloring of treated surfaces during periods of rain
  • Single Coat Application - applied in a one-coat
  • Can be applied by brush or roller, as well as by airless, conventional, or pump sprayer
  • Breathable System Allows moisture vapor to escape from the building interior
  • Protects against efflorescence or migrating salts
  • Water-Based - No solvents or solvent odors
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water
  • Meets most VOC requirements
  • Protects from airborne pollution and acid rain
  • Protects against freeze/thaw and spalling
Specifications (All Dimensions are Nominal)
Accelerated Weathering 4,400 hrs, no effect
Dry Time 1 hr.
Dry Time to Touch 15 mins.
Weight/Gallon 8.3 lb. (3.8 kg) (±.2)
Accelerated Weathering: 4,400 hrs, no effect
Dry Time: 1 hr.
Dry Time to Touch: 15 mins.
Weight/Gallon: 8.3 lb. (3.8 kg) (±.2)
Shipping and Packaging
Bucket 1-gallon (3.8 liter)
Drum 55-gallon (208 liter)
Pail 5-gallon (18.9 liter)
Shelf Life 18 months 50°F – 90°F (10°C – 32°C)
Bucket: 1-gallon (3.8 liter)
Drum: 55-gallon (208 liter)
Pail: 5-gallon (18.9 liter)
Shelf Life: 18 months 50°F – 90°F (10°C – 32°C)